Looking For a Wedding Photographer? Here's What to Do

Looking For a Wedding Photographer? Here's What to Do

Posted on Aug 24th, 2022

Unlike the work of your other wedding vendors (like music, flower arrangements, and cake), photographs aren't things you can hear, smell, taste, or even see at first—you have to trust in your pro. The stakes are high, so if you're wondering how to choose a wedding photographer, we're here to help. You'll need to go above and beyond when it comes to research to ensure you like the photographer's work. But more importantly, you'll need to find someone you genuinely enjoy being around, as you'll be spending a lot of time with them. "Your photographer will be one of the only vendors that you'll spend your entire day with," says Lessie McFarlane, owner of Lessie Blue Photography. "Choosing a wedding day photographer that you completely trust and get along with is huge. You must make sure that you vibe with them in every sense of the way and makes you happy and is able to put you at ease."

Put into other words: Find someone who has the same kind of energy as you. " If you hire a serious brooding artist type, but you're a very happy-go-lucky and silly person at heart, there's going to be a mismatch of personality there," says Pat Furey, co-owner of Pat Furey Photography. "It's like any relationship in your life: Surround yourself with good people. The photography will be better for it, and more importantly so will your experience during your wedding day."

How do you do that? Careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanor. We put together a step-by-step guide on how to choose a wedding photographer to ensure you find your perfect match. It has everything you need to help narrow down all the choices onThe Knot for your big day.

Decide What Photography Style You Like Best

First thing's first: You and your partner need to decide which photography style you like. There are several options (think: fine art, photojournalistic and dark and moody) and photographers generally specialize in one or two styles. "Try to identify what you don't like before understanding what you like," Furey says. "Once you've nailed down what you're attracted to, you can do a deeper and more specific dive in that direction." Knowing which aesthetic suits your wedding best will help whittle down your list and allow you to find a pro who can bring your wedding photography vision to life.

Set a Budget

As with every aspect of wedding planning, it's best to set a budget before booking. (Unsure where to begin? Read up on the average wedding photographer cost ahead of time.) If you're feeling completely lost on how to pick a wedding photographer, here's one thing you can do to narrow down your options instantly. Set a budget for your wedding photo pro and input it into The Knot. In just seconds, you'll be able to scroll through experts who are in your area and in your budget so you can find the perfect wedding photographer.

Book Your Venue

Another efficient way to find a photographer is to book your venue (which is one of the first things you should cross off your wedding checklist anyways). By committing to a specific location, you can begin your search for pros in the area. Often, venues will provide you with a list of recommended pros (also known as a preferred vendor list). They're a great starting point, but proceed with caution: These lists can sometimes miss the mark in terms of inclusivity. "Venue recommendations can be hit or miss but certainly give them a look," Furey says. "Don't hire a photographer just because they've been to your wedding venue before. We're visual people and artists and a new venue to us is incredibly inspiring."

Another pro tip? "Look at at least two entire wedding galleries from a photographer in a similar type of setting or venue as yours," Furey says. "If you're getting married in a church and a photographer is only showcasing weddings on the beach at sunset, you may have no idea what the end result will look like."

Scroll Through Social Media and Online Reviews

One of the easiest ways to choose a wedding photographer is to research online. Moesia Davis, owner of Mo Davis Photography, highly recommends checking our reviews to gauge whether or not this person will be a fit. "Before you hire a photographer, read the reviews to make sure their past couples consider them as trustworthy vendors," she says. (Psst: You can read through several testimonials over on The Knot.)

Another tool you can turn to is social media. "Social media has become a popular and pivotal tool in the wedding industry," Davis explains. "Searching hashtags and following wedding blogs can often lead to finding a great photographer."


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